Top 5 NFL Podcasts For 2017

    - By Staff


Finally, the 2017 NFL season has arrived. Training camps are underway and NFL coverage has ramped up. If you are looking for a great NFL podcast for the 2017 season, you're in luck! We've found our top 5 favorite NFL podcasts:

1) The MMQB Podcast - Sports Illustrated


The MMQB Podcast network is the gold standard of NFL podcast coverage. MMQB consists of three individual shows: the MMQB Podcast with Peter King, the MMQB Podcast with Albert Breer and the 10 Things Podcast with Andy Benoit and Gary Gramling.


King is a longtime NFL writer with a decorated resume that includes being a three-time American Sportswriter of the Year. King is insightful and engaging in his NFL podcast. His reputation gives him access to some of the biggest names in NFL circles including owners, coaches, players and NFL executives. Examples include 49er's owner Jed York, Falcons head coach Dan Quinn, Patriot's QB Tom Brady and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.


Like King, NFL writer Albert Breer is a highly accomplished journalist who mixes NFL knowledge with unapologetic opinions in his NFL podcast. Breer's podcast is more brash and humorous compared to King, but still includes valuable insights and interviews with intriguing guests.


The 10 things podcast is MMQB's best option for football nerds. Throughout the offseason and each Monday during the season, hosts Benoit and Gramling provide instant analysis across the NFL landscape. This NFL podcast provides deep insights into game outcomes, player analysis, and coaching decisions. This is the perfect podcast for Monday morning football hangovers.

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2) The Ringer NFL Show - The Ringer


Not far behind the MMQB Podcast, the Ringer NFL Show podcast produces a gluttony of NFL coverage. The show is primarily hosted by Ringer NFL writers Robert Mays and Kevin Clark. The addition of former NFL executive Mike Lombardi to the Ringer family has delivered an entertaining, "insiders" element to the show.


Mays and Clark blend high-level analytical chops with good storytelling. Their NFL podcast typically features deep dives into game analysis, predictions, player performance and coaching decisions. Thought provoking, this podcast is great for football nerds and casual fans alike.


Lombardi is the perfect addition to Mays and Clark. The former NFL executive provides a front-office view of the NFL landscape. His NFL podcast series, “GM Street”, covers a wide array of topics and always includes bold, unabashed opinions. He often references past experiences working alongside NFL legends like Bill Belichick and Al Davis. Click to listen.

3) Know Them From Adam Podcast - ESPN


Adam Schefter's NFL podcast launched in December 2016, so the majority of his shows have been produced during the offseason. But, even though we haven't heard his podcast during a full season, Schefter has already become a must-listen.


The notorious NFL insider, Schefter’s podcast primarily consists of interviews with big-name NFL guests. He has a knack for eliciting fascinating soundbites, stories, and opinions from his guests. He’s interviewed Derek Carr about his new contract, Chip Kelly about his NFL experience with the Eagles and 49er’s, and recapped the Super Bowl with Patriot’s linebacker Dont’a Hightower and Falcon’s GM Thomas Dimitroff.


The only unfortunate part of Schefter’s podcast is that it is only produced once a week. Regardless, it is a must listen for people who want to hear the biggest names in the NFL share their opinions and experiences. Click to listen.


4) The Ross Tucker Football Podcast – Ross Tucker Media


Ross Tucker is a former NFL player who has found post-retirement success in media. Tucker’s podcast is arguably the best NFL podcast by a former player, combining his playing experience with analysis and humor.


Tucker often pulls back the veil on the NFL player experience. His analysis is unique, providing insights into technique and language that fans aren’t often exposed to. Tucker’s guests include a mix of media members, players, and coaches. The best part about the podcast might be his production schedule, often producing 3-4 podcasts a week. Click to listen.


5) Off The Charts Podcast - Football Outsiders 


The Off The Charts Podcast is produced by the analytics website Football Outsiders. The is a data heavy podcast focused on an empirical analysis of the NFL.


Produced weekly during the season, this NFL podcast does an amazing job at presenting data in an approachable way. Even non-football nerds would find this podcast worthwhile. This podcast covers everything from game analysis to predictions, using proprietary metrics to uncover insights that are often overlooked or unseen. They don't do much work in the offseason, so don't be alarmed by a lack of recent episodes, the podcast should be back sometime in August to preview the season. ThIs show is ideal for fans who are fascinated by the advanced analytics movement in sports. Click to listen .