The analytics movement in football has arrived. Once obscure websites like Football Outsiders and Pro Football Focus are now mainstream. Advanced analytics is changing the way fans think about the NFL. Fans are smarter and demanding smarter content.


Fittingly, there is an increased demand for smarter football podcasts. We compiled a list of the top 5 analytically focused NFL podcasts to help NFL fans get their data fix:


1)   Off The Charts Podcast by Football Outsiders – Football Outsiders is the mecca of the football analytics movement. They deliver proprietary statistics (DVOA, anyone?) and unparalleled NFL analysis. The Off The Charts football podcast hosted by Aaron Schatz offers objective coverage of player performance, trending teams, and pre/post-game analysis. This is the best NFL analytics podcast from the best NFL analytics website.


2)   The Ringer NFL Show – Host Robert Mays and a rotating slate of NFL experts are engaging and extremely knowledgeable football analysts. The podcast’s sole focus is not analytics, but the conversations often include data and advanced metrics. This is a great podcast for people who want unique opinions backed by data.


3)   Pro-Football Focus NFL Podcast – Pro Football Focus has become famous for their proprietary player grading systems. But beyond their grading system, Pro Football Focus produces a high-quality, analytically focused NFL podcast. PFF uses advanced charting to provide exceptional insights. This is also a great podcast for fantasy football players.


4)   Sharp Football Analysis – The Sharp Football Analysis website is primarily an NFL betting service, providing advanced insights used for predicting the outcomes of games. The Sharp Football Podcast features the same quantitative approach used in the content of the website. This is a no frills, data-driven podcast covering of NFL action.


5)   FiveThirtyEight “Hot Takedown” – FiveThirtyEight is the renowned data-centric website created by Nate Silver. Covering everything from politics to pop-culture, FiveThirtyEight also produces a great sports podcast, Hot Takedown. Although this podcast covers sports other than football, much of the content focuses on the NFL. This podcast delivers thought-provoking topics that are always backed by data.

Top 5 NFL Analytics Podcasts

    - By Staff