For many football fans, NFL coverage doesn’t end after the Super Bowl. Between free agency, the NFL draft, and mini-camps, there is no shortage of NFL content. The NFL Draft, in particular, is like its own sport. It doesn’t take much more than a quick Google search to find coverage of draft prospects and mock drafts all year round. The "Underwear Olympics" aka the NFL Combine delivers hours of coverage consisting of grown men talking about how fast other men can run in spandex.


Regardless of how absurd the coverage of the NFL Draft may seem, it is driven by demand. Fans will devour anything related to their team’s outlook.  Since the draft is the most critical component of a team’s future, it’s no surprise that fans demand coverage and analysis. To help, we compiled a list of the top 5 NFL Draft podcasts to ease the burden of finding good draft content:


1)   ESPN First Draft – Mel Kiper Jr. single-handedly revolutionized NFL Draft coverage and paved the way for fellow analysts Todd McShay and Chris Sprow. This NFL Draft podcast provides exceptional analysis on NFL draft prospects and team priorities. The only downside of listening to this podcast is that you can’t see Kiper’s signature hairstyle.


2)   On The Clock Podcast – Sports Illustrated’s signature NFL Draft podcast, host Chris Burke provides year-round coverage of draft prospects, player comparisons, team analysis and much more. Often joined by other noteworthy writers, this is a robust NFL Draft podcast.


3)   Locked on NFL Draft – Jon Ledyard of (underrated website) and Luke Easterling of USA Today Draft are thorough in their evaluations and coverage. The strength of this draft podcast is the fact that Ledyard and Easterling produce episodes on just about a daily basis. There is no shortage of content being generated on this NFL Draft podcast.


4)   Draft Breakdown Podcast – This NFL Draft podcast is produced by a website that focuses exclusively on NFL Draft coverage: Comprehensive and consistent, this podcast is a great listen for NFL Draft nerds.


5) Podcast – NFL draft nerds will certainly be familiar with the website Known primarily for its exhaustive mock draft content, this NFL Draft Podcast offers similarly high-quality content. This podcast will occasionally stray from the “NFL Draft only” mantra, but it deserves to be on this list given the quality.

Top 5 NFL Draft Podcasts

   - By Staff